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Hi and thanks for visiting. This page is now being used for my upcoming Tours to Turkey.

I am very excited about this new project. More information coming.

Feel free to let me know below if you are interested in these tours.

Head on over to AnnyBody Wellness for your health and wellness needs. See you there. 


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Tours to Turkey


If you have always wanted to go to Turkey, it is now the time. I lived in Turkey from 1999 until recently, 2013. I now live in Hobart, Tasmania where I am beginning to take tours back to the place that touched me so deeply.

If you would like some more information please get in contact.

More information to come!

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Happy Hormones

Suttons Kitchen Door

Hosts a workshop for women

H a p p y  H o r m o n e s

With Anny Fodor

Anny Fodor has a vast knowledge of health and wellness.  She has been studying, practicing and teaching the healing arts of food, shiatsu, yoga & meditation across the globe for the past twenty-five years.

Hot & moody up there, dry & cool down there?

Menopausal changes can be hard to cope with but you may not need to endure uncomfortable symptoms or have Hormone Replacement Therapy.

This workshop with Anny demonstrates how to prepare simple meals, snacks, drinks & smoothies to support yourself around peri, pre and menopausal changes.

Come and share some sage advice based on current nutritional research; share a glass of bubbles with like minded women and take away new skills, treats, gifts and peace of mind in a relaxed and loved up body.

Anny is a qualified health coach with a passion for food and how it feeds us; body, mind and soul. Women thrive in an environment of knowing what kinds of food to prepare and eat. Life cycles also become so much easier when nourished well.

Start this new cycle with Happy Hormones

 March 29th 2.30 – 4.30pm

                               Lauderdale Cottage. 74 Risdon Road, New Town. Hobart

$100 including tastings, champagne, recipes & take home pack


One of my new favorite recipes

Cardamon & saffron poached pears

Prep Time :  30 – 45 mins

Equipment : quality paring knife and board, small pan for cooking

Serves : 2 – 4 servings, depending on how much you want to eat 🙂

taken from Yotam Ottolenghi‘s beautiful book: Jerusalem.

…this is how I remember it. I was lucky enough to be with my friend Catherine in her fabulous kitchen when she was exploring this beautiful book that she was given for Christmas.

Ingredients: 1 glass of white wine, if not using wine, use juice of 2 lemons and a glass of water. 6 green cardamon pods (crush the cardamon pods under the side of your knife to release the flavors), 1 teaspoon palm sugar or coconut sugar, half teaspoon saffron threads, pinch of salt. 4 pears, cored and pealed, last.

Method : Make the poaching sauce first. Add all ingredients except for pears into a small heavy based saucepan and heat. While heating, core and peel your pears and cut into quarters. Add the pair quarters to the pan. The liquid should cover the fruit. If not add more liquid, either more wine or more water & lemon.

Cut some baking paper into a disk that fits the cooking pot. Cover the fruit gently with the paper and allow to cook for 15-20 minutes. The pears should be soft but not falling apart. When ready take off the paper and rest the pears in one of your beautiful serving bowls. Continue cooking the poaching sauce and reduce the liquid. In 15 or so minutes you should have some sort of toffee. Fish out the cardamon pods and cover the pears and serve with your favorite topping. Fresh dairy cream or fresh cashew cream. (Will post this recipe next)



Journey Lounge Cihangir. Istanbul, Turkey

Menu Consultation

Journey Lounge prides itself on using the best possible ingredients sourced from Istanbul & chosen villages around Turkey in order to serve great quality food and drinks. Anny assisted management and chefs with the design a new seasonal menu to encompass the ever-changing needs of food sensitivities including wheat, sugar and animal products. Dining out need not be stressful or difficult if you are sensitive. Enjoy the great flavors and  atmosphere at Journey and leave knowing you have taken care of your personal needs too. Afiyet Olsun, Bon Apetite!

Shiatsu sessions in Melbourne

During Anny’s Shiatsu treatment I felt like she was breathing life into my body. I felt everything was unblocking, it was gentle but very powerful. I now feel renewed internally. Thank you Anny for this gift.IMG_0535

Celebrating with **Stars** Annyday

Chocolate, that sacred flavor, texture & high we so often crave and savor.

In this recipe using raw cacao you too can celebrate annytime knowing it is actually working for you. I first experienced the truth of chocolate at one of David Wolfe’s Raw Chocolate Parties in New York City some years ago. Without alcohol or other substances the entire room danced and celebrated with incredible energy. My mind was clear and my heart was open. We were ‘high’ on the good stuff!

Full of magnesium, manganese, chromium & iron, acting as an antidepressant agent by allowing serotonin to stay in our blood stream for longer, high anti-oxidant and more. The happy & longevity crunch!

Watch more about David Wolfe on the history & broad benefits of raw cacao here.

Recipe: Raw Chocolate & Ginger Berry Stars

Prep Time : 50-60 mins

Equipment : saucepan & metal bowel for melting, food processor, blender,  star moulds, spatula and spoon

Serves : a happy party

Ingredients : 1/2 cup raw cacao nibs, 1/4 cup raw cacao powder, 2/3 cup cacao butter,
1/3 cup coconut palm sugar, pinch sea salt, pinch cayenne pepper & flesh of 1 vanilla pod for the chocolate. 1 cup mixed blackberries & raspberries, 1.5 inch piece fresh peeled ginger, juice of half lime, juice of half lemon, 4 dessert spoons orange juice, 1 spoon coconut palm sugar, 1/4 cup chia seeds, pinch sea salt for the berry blend.

Method : With water in a saucepan on very low heat, lower a metal bowl with your cacao butter and palm sugar into the saucepan, heat until melted to a liquid. Meanwhile in the blender add cacao nibs, cacao powder, salt, pepper & vanilla and blend for a good minute or 2, until very smooth. Empty into a mixing bowl ready for the cacao butter. Now add the berries, ginger, lime juice, lemon juice, orange juice, palm sugar, chia seeds, sea salt and blend until thick and creamy. When the cacao butter has completely melted gently pour into the mixing bowl of cacao powder and fold until all is absorbed and the texture is silky smooth. Have your star molds (or other shapes as desired) ready to fill. Make sure to use the chocolate mix while still hot, if the mix starts to become slightly stiff return back to the heat for a moment. Pour and fill the molds half way, leaving space for the berry mix. Take the berry mix and spoon out to top up and fill the molds. Level off the tops and allow to cool. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
When set, pop them out of the molds and serve immediately.
You may also wish to use this recipe in a cake mold of your choice to save time. You will need to line the cake tin well with raw coconut oil. It will then be a chocolate berry slice and may need more time to set. Cut into thin slices or fun shapes with a sharp warm knife.

New Year Stars

Raw Chocolate & Ginger Berry clusters to bring on a New Year Sparkle

Are you ready to SpringZing!

                              My heart called, so I stayed 🙂

                                   Melbourne, I am here!

I am offering a special 5 session package for Sweet Spring

1) Initial Consultation. Of course we need to know where you are with your food, your body, your health and your habits, and then hone in on where you would like to be. Here we meet and talk dirty, we get to the nitty gritty. Together we will find your starting point and as always engineer the best design forward.

2) Kitchen Audit. Naturally we start with the foundation; your cupboards. What you like, what is working for you, what looks good and yes there are always bits that do not, again we get raw and real. If it don’t fit your picture then it goes.

3) Shopping. Here we add into the picture what does fit. I will introduce you to new places and products. You may have seen a lot of new products on the shelves in supermarkets or specialised shops, but you have no idea how to use them or in fact what they are. We will not be buying everything we see but we will explore together, giving you an edge into this new vista. And what we do buy will be for our adventures into your new kitchen design. And next step.

4) Kitchen adventures. Here is the fun part! Whatever we decided was your way forward, we make 🙂 I will no doubt show you new tricks to add to your own repertoire as well as wherever necessary, revamp what your existing specialties. Whatever it takes, we will make it together.

5) Here is your at home spa treatment 🙂 Shiatsu is my passion. I love to share this. It is the balancing part of food. Your body speaks louder than you may give it credit for. Here we tune in and see what is the missing link. You may need some pressure point work on your neck or shoulders, I can also show you how to work on yourself with specific points for headaches, back pain, low energy and more. Combined with a simple meditation technique and breath work you will sleep like an angel and wake up wanting to do what you learned!

Christmas is coming, we can create the best time frame to suit you.                  Call me directly on 0428 954 984

Looking forward to seeing you into the new year Refreshed, Shining and Happppy.

Peace & Pleasure 


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