I love the smell of sunshine in the morning.

It has been a long winter and a wet and wild spring and all of a sudden Summer has shown her warm nourishing self. Welcome oh hot one. And this one promises to be a hotty. I have spent many months recovering from physical issues. I will definitely be writing the details of how I helped heal myself with a high anti-inflammatory diet, see some recipes here but for now I wanted to speak about how important it is to cool down and clear out our winter coat before the real heat hits. Spring is usually the best time to clean out or cleanse being the transition season. But if like me you haven’t been able to find the moment, it is not too late to start now.

The simplest way to clear out is to make a plan. 3, 5 or 7 days is the best way to start off. I plan for a 7 day gentle cleanse. The first and most important desire is to boost my energy levels. My many months of self healing has taken a lot of internal energy, now I am ready to come back to participate in the outside world. Here alkalinity is the trick. A lot of fresh, green, light foods and liquids. This will assist in the second desire to feel more light in my body. I haven’t been able to move so much because of my injuries but now my body is just asking to shake off the winter woolies.

I see this as a gift to myself. The more mature I am, yes darling my 40’s have resonated differently than my 30’s 🙂 My body more and more needs these periods of love stacked on in the form of allowing the stacks to be released.

Important Prep tips.

A) Make sure the people you love, your partner, your family, your children particularly if you live together and share meals. Tell them of how you are gifting yourself time to come closer to your summer bod, they too will love you for it. I plan to share most of my food with my partner. He will not join this time but he can definitely add it to his daily food, always good to eat green n fresh anyways.

B) Make a list of fresh ingredients and the best places to buy them from. Farmers markets, local producers, your own garden. Go and get them. Be prepared. You want to have an abundance of fresh and freshly smelling things around you, you do not want to be hungry. Eating and drinking more often of the good stuff is the plan.

C) Best to put whatever social events you have aside for these few days. If that’s not possible ring ahead and make sure the right people know that you are ‘being light’ for the moment. It does not have to be a big deal but it is best if you are supported in saying no to things that are not on your list, rather than asked why you are not participating.

D) Early nights and good rest are the bomb!

E) What ‘being light’ for you is important to clarify. A light cleanse can and will differ from each person depending on what you need. My intention is to increase my liquid intake including clean water, warm fresh herb teas, fresh juices and green blended drinks. Solid food will be raw meals with increased seaweeds, quality plant based fats and proteins. I also plan to finish my last meal 5 hours before I go to bed and take an herbal supplement that will assist my organs of elimination to do their job of eliminating.

F) You may like to document what you eat and how what you are eating effects you.

G) If you would like some assistance in designing your very own light Summer cleanse. Feel free to contact me here for a consultation and we can start you off straight away.

I’ll be checking in and posting photos of my welcome summer cleanse dishes. The aim here is to be my best for when I launch my business AnnyBody Wellness in January 2014 now that I am living in Australia. It’s time for me to share the love on my home turf.

To begin here’s my morning’s fresh juice of, pear, apple, celery, cucumber, lemon and love. Here’s to a clean revolution!

Good morning sweet pear